Chief Judge Bertila Soto and the Case of the Crumbling Courthouse!!!

I try not to get too deep in the weeds of state judicial administration issues, but has there been a more upbeat, vigorous, informed, dedicated, forceful and compassionate leader for the Miami-Dade County state court system than our own Chief Judge Soto?
In January 2014, news that 90 percent of the steel support columns in the Dade County Courthouse were compromised ignited our most recent efforts to address the deteriorating building. For decades, prior chief judges have been warning that the courthouse is too small and dysfunctional and in need of significant repairs because of structural issues, 88-year-old electrical and plumbing systems and 60-year-old air conditioners.
88 year old electrical/plumbing systems and 60+ year-old air conditioners?

Reminds me of my first job bussing at the old bayside restaurant in Morton Towers -- and I'm only talking about the guests.

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Sure it may not match our ridiculous transportation issues, or the fact that rising sea levels will soon penetrate our drinking supply, but lawyers and other legal professionals have an obligation to ensure equal and fair access to justice and must be concerned with the decrepit state of our local courthouse -- and must take concrete steps to be part of the solution.

Thank you for leading this effort Judge Soto!


  1. I didn't even realize air conditioning existed 60 years ago. Must be some sort of prototype. Great job, Judge Soto!

  2. 1902 First office building with an air-conditioning system installed.
    The Armour Building in Kansas City, Missouri, becomes the first office building to install an air-conditioning system. Each room is individually controlled with a thermostat that operates dampers in the ductwork, making it also the first office building to incorporate individual "zone" control of separate rooms.


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