Do You Have a Beautiful Vision?

Do you wake up fresh every Monday with a beautiful vision?

Many out of state firms do, and their beautiful vision includes eliminating/absorbing small to midsize South Florida firms where lawyers have developed niche practices and a good reputations (even if landing national clients gets harder and harder for these folks):
Minneapolis-based Bowman and Brooke, known for representing the automotive industry in products liability cases, is opening two Florida offices—in Coral Gables and Orlando—and adding 29 attorneys.
Bowman and Brooke will merge with Coral Gables-based Seipp, Flick & Hosley, and the new 15-lawyer office will be headed by its managing partner, John Seipp. Seipp Flick's 12-lawyer Orlando office will be folded in and headed by Frank Hosley as the office managing partner. Three Seipp lawyers in Detroit also will join Bowman and Brooke's office there.
Also joining the Coral Gables office will be Wendy Lumish, head of Carlton Fields Jorden Burt's appellate and trial support practice groups, and partners Cristina Alonso and Alina Alonso Rodriguez.
Three partners from the Fort Lauderdale office of Arnstein & Lehr also are making the move—Robert Rudock, Whitney Cruz and Loren Fender, all members of the litigation practice group.
Paul Cereghini, chairman of Bowman and Brooke, said his firm had been scouting for Florida offices "for quite some time."
Congratulations to all involved!

So what's the play for smaller local shops -- band together, forge on alone, or get absorbed by these "national platforms"?


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