I'm All for Austerity But Good God Eddie Palmer NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I was ok with everything you were saying -- it's quite admirable and shows a disciplined, caring, careful financial approach borne of remembering where you came from -- until you went badly -- catastrophically -- off the rails:
With one daughter in college and another in law school, solo practitioner Eduardo Palmer in Florida said it’s hard to keep contributing to retirement. He’s cut his expenses to meet his pledges to pay for his daughters’ graduate schooling. He said he’ll start contributing to his retirement meaningfully again when they’re done in four years.
In the NLJ poll—an unscientific survey posted online—only five respondents out of more than 200 said they would rescind plans to pay for their children’s educations.
“I’m a Cuban refugee and my father put me through law school. If my parents could do it with far less, so can I,” said Palmer, who said his goal is to continue working until he’s at least 67, in another dozen years. “It’s depressing when you look at your statement and see it’s gone down 30 percent in six months. You’ve just got to hang in there. I’m going to tough it out.”
Palmer said belt tightening starts by him not taking flowers home every week and could progress to cutting restaurant reservations and vacations.
Slow your roll son -- no flowers, restaurants, or vacations???

Oy veh -- we need a kickstarter to help Eddie maintain his loving relationships -- I'd suggest cutting back on just about anything else.

(I speak from experience.)


  1. Hilarious.


    NB - Maybe buy some suits off the rack instead of tailored, skip the pocket square and hit a barber shop instead of a salon? Just sayin.....

  2. Note that he said he'll consider cutting back on making reservations at restaurants -- not that he'll stop eating in restaurants, just stop making reservations before he goes out to eat. Wow, talk about sacrifices!

    On a related note, perhaps Eddie might consider sampling the Value Menu at his local Taco Bell. I understand their seating policy is quite relaxed . . . as is their use of the word "beef."

  3. What spouse could resist!!


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