Jeffrey Epstein -- What a Schmuck!

The swirling turd that is Jeffrey Epstein continues to stain everything he touches:
New court filings are bringing fresh attention to a Florida sex scandal that could become grist for political trouble in the 2016 Presidential campaign.
The new legal filings allege that federal prosecutors in Florida “repeatedly” and “intentionally” violated the rights of dozens of teenage sex abuse victims by secretly negotiating an “extraordinarily lenient” deal with a wealthy Palm Beach financier known in the past to have socialized with powerful business and political figures -- including former President Bill Clinton and current GOP front-runner Donald Trump.
Prosecutors went to great lengths to keep secret the non-prosecution agreement reached in 2007 with Jeffrey Epstein, attorneys for the victims allege, “because of the strong objection they would have faced from victims of Epstein’s abuse, and because of the public criticism that would have resulted from allowing a politically-connected billionaire who had sexually abused more than 30 minor girls to escape ... with only a county court jail sentence.”
Throughout the negotiations -- and for nearly a year after the agreement was signed -- the victims were kept in the dark, their attorneys said, strung along as government lawyers promised victims they were still investigating even long after they had cut Epstein an “indulgent” deal.
Some candidates running for President say we live in two Americas -- justice for some, or justice for none.

How should we view this debacle, and the lawyer participants?


  1. Paging Cathy O’Brien. Cheney wants his butt-plug back. It's his favorite!

  2. It's a disgrace.

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  4. Dear Mr. President:

    For too long the Supreme Court has ignored the doctrine of forum non convenience for cruise ship passengers injured by the total criminal negligence of super corporation cruise ship owners.

    You can address this inequity.

    I am a cruise ship plaintiff's attorney of some renown. (BTW if you're thinking of taking a post presidency cruise next January, I highly recommend against it. These things tip over, Hunta Virus, and you have Gladys and Ira from LaCrosse Wisconsin chasing you all over the ship for a week for an autograph and at sea there's little hope to hide.)

    I am young, healthy (cross fit bro) photogenic- a certifiable you-tube star, and lets just say we see eye-to-eye on lots of issues.

    I am placing my name in contention for the supreme court judgship for the late departed Nino scalia.

    Want a confirmable candidate?
    A nice jewish boy from Miami- you can't do much better than that. You make the call and I'll bring the ruggalah to the white house bubby.

    Awaiting coordination from your office of legal affairs, I remain,

    Your Obt svt

    Spencer Aronfeld.

  5. Brilliant as always. Please offer him a guest blogger spot.

  6. The greatest comment in the history of the blog. Spence is supreme !


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