My Baby She Wrote Me a Letter!

How bad is our Attorney General Ms. Bondi?
Florida’s top law enforcement officials knew by 2012 that Millennium Laboratories, the nation’s largest drug testing company, was defrauding Florida Medicaid of millions.
But that did not stop Attorney General Pam Bondi from urging Medicare to pay for high-priced and unnecessary drug screening tests at the heart of Millennium’s massive scam, even as her own office and federal prosecutors pursued civil charges against the company.
Hours after The Post reported on the letter Friday afternoon, Bondi, who previously declined to be interviewed for this story, wrote in an email that staffers had written the letter, and that, “Knowing what I know now, The Palm Beach Post is correct that the letter should not have been sent.”
More on the "staffer-prepared" letter here.

God what a tool!


  1. Happy Groundhog Day, SFL.

    Your No.1 Fan

  2. Another republican accepting personal responsibility.

  3. Pam, you ignorant cohabitator!


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