RCCL's New "Virtual Window/Balcony" Can Possibly Kill You!

Not really, but now it's apparently desirable to be stuck on a floating town with six thousand other tourists as you watch a streaming display of the ocean projected "virtually" on the wall of your windowless, airless, cubicle of a stateroom:

In other news, to me MTM's capri pants were basically porn if you grew up back in the day:

And congrats to Dick Van Dyke who at 90 is just as funny, witty, and warm as ever in his new memoir on aging, and here endorsing Bernie -- thanks for the talent and the memories!

Wow, how'd we wind up here?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Honey, we need to talk, I need a vacation.

    H: I was just thinking the same thing. But I like the hustle and bustle of crowds.

    W: And i like the sea.

    H: Well, hang on because I've just got a new video from the Spencer Aronfeld channel and he's saying the new Destiny Destruction of the Seas is being launched.

    W: It has all the crowds and hustle and bustle you like.

    H: And it has a virtual reality screen in the room for you so you can watch a video of the rough and deadly seas as you lie in our bed sick from the negligence of the ship from the Hunta virus and nauseous from sea sickness.

    W: This sounds like the perfect trip!

    H: And when we're back, we can use Spencer Aronfeld to sue when the cruise ruins our life.
    Either I will be knocked overboard in a drunken stupor and die a horrible death drowning at sea as crew members not trained in man over board procedures watch me slowly fade away in the wake of the mega-super death ship.

    W: Or I will get so violently ill that's I'll need emergency surgery and a colostomy.

    H: Either way we get our dream vacation and then Spencer can sue to protect our rights and obtain a cash settlement.

    W: You know I like the cash baby.

    H: I'm calling Now!!!

    The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be made without checking the lawyer's experience and credentials. Please call our law office for our experience and credentials and a no cost no obligation pamphlet entitled "Cruise and Die or get horribly maimed. The Spencer Aronfeld Story."

  2. Spencer Aronfeld-cutting edge and killin' it! I dig the background. Is that his office or house, or where is he filming this stuff at. And where's the Chihuahua?

  3. That is Spencer's house/pool in the background. Him and I sat there shirtless eating strawberries on new years eve.


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