Sigh. Rubio Is a Giant Turdball.

Did I dress my sentiments up too much in fancy-pants locution and lawyerly so forth?
“I've been honestly shocked by his lack of responsibility as a U.S. senator,” said Miami lawyer Tom Spencer, a Republican who supported Rubio against Democratic challenger Charlie Crist for the Senate in 2010, but backed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush during this presidential primary season. “She's an excellent judge. There is absolutely no reason for him not to move forward with her confirmation. It's an absolute outrage and slap in the face of the people of Florida.”
Good for Spencer, a very conservative but straight shooter who -- like Raoul -- can admirably advocate for bipartisan positions on important matters of judicial administration and, more broadly, justice.
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  1. A turdball and a size queen.

    True fact: If you want your packaged examined, there is no better place than GOP HQ restrooms. Google Ogle!

  2. Despicable lightweight turdball pol.

  3. You guys are too much. When the Dems did it to Bush, that was the Holy Crusade. You guys are nothing but ideological, yellow dog democratic, hypocrites. You deserve Trump


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