3d DCA Watch -- All Hail The Old White Guy!

Blah blah blah blah bunker what about this?
Garland was a leading contender for the last vacancy, in 2010. If confirmed, Garland would be the oldest justice to join the Supreme Court since Lewis Powell, who was 64 when he joined the court in 1972.
Age = wisdom, no?

Are you pumped (as pumped as you are about Hillary)?

Let's go, kiddos:

Pretty sure you still need a legal basis for an award of attorneys fees.

The rest of the opinions this week are yawn-inducers, not nearly as exciting as an old white male centrist appellate judge!


  1. Speaking of judicial nominations, now that "senator" Marco Rubio is done with his bid for the White House, can we renew our efforts and pressure him to submit the blue slip for Mary Barzee-Flores? To have such a qualified judge waiting in the wings this long is truly ridiculous.

  2. An 0 for 3 on a Rosa Rodri.

  3. Disappointing. Once again Obama caves to "consensus" and moderation. He'll get no credit and we get a lousy centrist.


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