Good On Ya, Carol!

Carol Rosenberg, one of the few remaining lights (and reporters) still working at the Herald, has turned in exemplary work for years -- regrettably, the many many years Gitmo has operated and "detainees" have been held indefinitely for more than a decade.

Notice here the expert way she seizes on a minor, even trivial detail of a highly staged "media visit" to the supposedly leaner(?) Gitmo, using that detail to expose the absurdity of military censorship in a manner that approaches M*A*S*H or Good Morning, Vietnam:
J.J. Abrams’ CBS series “Alias” may have been the critically acclaimed hit that helped catapult Jennifer Garner if not Bradley Cooper to stardom. But it’s too violent for the last 91 war-on-terror captives here, most of whom were behind barbed wire for the run of the series.
An Army captain currently in charge of the prison’s program to distract and engage the detainees said it didn’t pass a taste test that rejects radical jihadist themes, graphic violence or nudity in deciding what can be added to the 35,000-item collection of books, magazines, games and DVDs.

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Also note the way she deftly allows the Pentagon BS Orwellian double-speak double-speak for itself:
“We don’t really ban items here,” said the officer, who did not provide his name. Instead, he called it a “screening process” that only accepts an item “if it meets our criteria.” Broadly that means material containing “positive themes and messages.”
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"Positive themes and messages"?

Surely Jennifer Garner qualifies!!

Well done Carol.


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