Marijuana Mondays: Smoke a Cuban Edititon

Big news!
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear an unusual lawsuit challenging Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana and told a Massachusetts court to take a fresh look at a Second Amendment case involving stun guns.
In the marijuana case, two states sought to use a rare procedure to attack the Colorado law, asking the justices to allow them to file a lawsuit directly in the Supreme Court. The Constitution gives the court such “original jurisdiction” to hear disputes between states, but the court uses it sparingly, most often to adjudicate boundary disputes or water rights.
“The State of Colorado authorizes, oversees, protects and profits from a sprawling $100-million-per-month marijuana growing, processing and retailing organization that exported thousands of pounds of marijuana to some 36 states in 2014,” two neighboring states, Nebraska and Oklahoma, told the court. “If this entity were based south of our border, the federal government would prosecute it as a drug cartel.”
Had this suit gone forward it could have resulted in a serious derailment of the effort to move marijuana legalization efforts forward in other states.

Meanwhile, President Pot-Head landed in Cuba yesterday, and guess what time the plane touched down? 4:20! Just in time to smoke a fat one with Castro! But not everyone was happy.
I said something that sounded positive about President Obama's visit to Cuba.

Predictably, I'm now getting "BUT BUT BUT what about Cuba's human rights issues? What about that, huh? Obama's just ignoring that!" 

Yeah, listen, when you live in a country that engages in rendition, indefinite detention without trial, forced anal feeding, waterboarding, secret laws, warrantless wiretapping of its own citizens, where people of color are beaten up at political rallies BECAUSE of their color, and whose trading partners include China, India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and (yep, I'm going to go there)  Israel, you don't get to say not one fucking thing about human rights. Shut up and have a cigar.


  1. Che Guevara would have executed you. Now that you can travel to Cuba why not hop on a plane and try pushing your agenda in Havana. I'm sure it will work out great.

  2. Where's immediate proof Nobama's love kiss to Castro is working? I say that as someone who still believes the embargo will work if we just give it another 57 years!

  3. @5:08

    True fact, discriminating against homosexuals in employment has been illegal in Cuba since the mid 90s. Florida? Still waiting. They still don't have gay marriage but offer free sex change surgeries to the trans community. Maybe you should check it out! Snip!


    Yes, just a few more years!

  4. Thanks for the interesting article

  5. Lenin would be so pleased to see that Useful Idiots are alive and well.

  6. Useful idiots being those who want foreign policy based on 57 years of failure and their abuela's feelings (she's not happy!!!!!)

  7. Don't worry 10:28, no one is going to nationalize your hemorrhoids. They're all yours baby, all yours!


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