So Now a Judge From Broward Will Decide the Fate of the Presidency?

Marco, you hired a Virginia lawyer to defend you against a "birther" suit pending in Broward?

What about us local lawyers?
The crux of the case: the meaning of the phrase “natural born citizen” and how it applies to the two Republican senators. Rubio was born in Miami in 1971 to Cuban immigrants who became citizens a few years later. Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban-born father and American mother, who moved to Texas when Cruz was four.
Aside from the standing and ripeness issues, does the suit hold any water?
“It is undisputed that Senator Rubio was born in the United States to immigrant parents,” states Rubio’s motion to dismiss the complaint, written by lawyer Gabriela Prado of Virginia. “Under the United States Constitution, Senator Rubio is a natural born citizen who is eligible to serve as president of the United States.”
Cruz is represented by David Di Pietro, a well-known Republican lawyer in Broward.
Could things get any worse in America?

Yes they could Virginia, yes they could:

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UPDATECase already dismissed.



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