You Have Been Summoned To Appear Before the "Akerman Bench"!

Great interview with the King Oranged Michael Chavies, which includes this interesting bit:
I also am involved in dispute resolution — mediations and arbitrations, and I am a member of Akerman Bench, which is one of the largest moot court panels of former appellate and trial court judges among the Am Law 100 firms.
"Akerman Bench®"?

Has anyone appeared before this distinguished panel of alta cockers retired, experienced former judges?

Is this type of thing really helpful?

Ever feel like this?

Read more here:
Hey! Who could your lover be?
Hey! Who could your lover be?
Let me eat off his head so you can really see!


  1. Lol.

    So sad, the do-nothings.

  2. How many ex Judges do they have????

  3. Pam Biondi: va va va voom!
    If we were text pals I would send you that little guy with hearts in his eyes>

    Akerman Bench?

    Try Aaronfeld associates: teams of savage litigators that leave nothing left on the bones when we get through with you and your little cruise ship line.


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