3d DCA Watch -- Also Greynolds Park Anti-Semitic President Taft Watch!

It's Springtime in South Dade® which means the fluttering essences of written utterances waft lightly in the air (this is me sweet talking):

C.P.Motion v. Goldblatt:


Alvey v. City of NMB:

This is a substituted opinion but seems to have the same outcome.

The historic, majestic North Dade urban oasis has survived another day.

“The intelligent Jews of this country are as much opposed to Brandeis’ nomination as I am, but there are politics in the Jewish community, which with their clannishness embarrass leading and liberal and clear-sighted Jews. I venture to think that the leading Jews of New York, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati and the other cities, who are not bound up in emotional uplifting, and who do not now tend to socialism, are as much troubled over this appointment and as indignant as any of us can be, but Brandeis’ foresight as to himself has strangled their expression lest they arouse bitter criticism against themselves by their own people.”
I like to consider myself "liberal and clear-sighted" and definitely clannish, prone to "emotional uplifting" and of course the Tribe Bernie "tends to socialism." 

Maybe Taft had a point?

Finally -- offers of judgment follies!


  1. Wow, that Taft letter was a real screed. "Metaphorically re-circumcised"?!? Yikes! I'll have to file that one under the heading "Abraham, Isaac, Jacob ("Jake") and The Fat Man."

  2. Taft ended up on the Supreme Court with Brandeis, but at least he wasn't a blatant racist like James McReynolds, another member of that Court. You have to admire Brandeis for managing to work and distinguish himself in such an environment

  3. City attorneys are idiots. They mouth the Manager's line and council members act as if they are dumb as a box of rocks.

    "However, in response, the City Attorney stated:

    'What I would say is this is not the point of a hearing for a site plan approval. Until a site plan is brought forward, this argument is premature."

    This was clearly error and conclusively demonstrates that the City failed to apply
    the correct law."



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