3d DCA Watch -- Happy Dead Hitler's Birthday!

Yes kids, to quote the great Gilbert Gottfried from earlier today:

"Birthday message to Hitler. You're dead and the Jews run the world. HA HA"

Oy veh that's off my chest let's do the bunker bund:


  1. "Birthday message to Hitler. You're dead and the Jews run the world. HA HA"

    Hitler is dead, thankfully.

    But the Jews run the world HA HA?

    How so, and what kind of job are they doing?

    From what I see, whoever is running the world is doing a shitty job.

    What about letting the people of the world, run the world?

    Support "Young Jews [who] Refuse to Stay Silent on the Occupation This Passover", "If Not Now, When?" Truthout Op-Ed, By Sammy Sass


    "This Pesach (Passover), young Jews across the United States under the banner of IfNotNow are calling for a sea change in American Jewish consciousness and an end to American Jewish support for the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. On April 19, I stood with 100 young American Jews in the office lobby of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to say we support freedom and dignity for all Palestinians and Israelis. This week, in New York, Boston, Washington, DC, Chicago and San Francisco, hundreds of young American Jews are holding ritual protests and getting arrested to say we have had enough. I feel the yearning of a generation to tell a new story of what it means to be Jewish."

    "Standing with this community, I feel a call to end my own silence. I used to think of myself as brave, speaking what is tacitly left unsaid, writing poetry about queerness and anger, war and assimilation. But as I've grown into adulthood I've felt the corners of my jaw ache as I keep my mouth shut to stop the words of dignity and occupation rising in my throat from pouring out. And it has been painful."

    "I am surprised, but more to the point, I am disturbed. How did my voice dim and my jaw tighten and my hands begin to hesitate? These lessons in silence are learned; and most devastatingly, I learned them from the place that once taught me to know myself by the power of my own voice: Judaism."

    "I feel a call to reawaken my voice..."


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