A Piss is Just a Piss: Transgender Bathroom Laws are the New Hate Du Jour

Let's get real about what the actual effect of this new wave of transgender discriminating bathroom laws looks like in practice.

New laws in North Carolina and Mississippi demand that:

This guy use the lady's room.

And that this gal use the men's room.

These laws put transgender people in danger and do nothing for public safety. Voyeurism and harassment in restrooms is already illegal, regardless of the gender of the person. This fear is a non-issue designed for no other purpose than to cloak bigotry and discrimination under the guise of protecting the innocent.

If we really wanted to protect the innocent, maybe we need laws banning conservative politicians from restrooms. I do not jest. I have scoured the interwebs and I can not find even one instance of a transgender person being accused of inappropriate behavior in restrooms.

But you don't need to look very hard to find incidents of conservative bathroom misconduct. Just Google Larry Craig, Bob Allen, or the king molester and longest serving Republican Speaker of the House Denny Hastert.

Live and let live folks, a piss is just a piss.


  1. Yes, a piss is just a piss.

    In new government construction, unisex toilets will cut the toilet budget by half. That money saved can be applied to good use elsewhere.


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