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Happy/Somber Earth Day!

I'm used to swimming in a sea of mixed emotions but with Passover upon us, Earth Day, and the death of an icon, the tides are turning far more than usual. So let's take these things one at a time.

Good news on Passover here. Your 420 is Kosher!

Is there hope for Planet Earth? I hope so, but if you've ever gone to a park or beach and found it left a complete mess by the people that were there before you, that's us. That's our generation. We're those people. "We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors,  we borrow it from our children."

And Prince.... I haven't cried this much over a musician's death since we lost the late great Dr. Winston O'Boogie. To say that I am a Price fan would be an understatement. Everybody loves you when you're six feet in the ground, but I was along for the whole ride.

One of the most annoying things about the death of a celebrity musician like Prince is that you end up hearing the same greatest hits, overplayed top 40 radio songs that you should already be sick of at this point. In Prince's case this is a real disservice because he has so many underplayed gems.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Electric Chair ~ Off of the Batman Soundtrack "If a man is considered guilty for what goes on in his mind then give me the electric chair for all my future crimes."

Joy in Repetition ~ Years ago when I was trying to impress Prince's musical prowess upon a certain blogger of your acquaintance, this was one of the songs I turned to. SFL loves it. 

We Can Funk ~ His duet with George Clinton was as close to a gay rights anthem as he ever wrote. "Sex between two people is alright when all the love in the world is what they've got. As long as they don't try to hurt nobody, and just as long as it's hot."

Anotherloverholenyohead ~ "You don't understand the things I'll tell you baby down on my knees." Oh, I understood!

Starfish and Coffee ~ Sing of the Times was called Prince's White Album and the whole of it is excellent. But there's a cute innocence to this song that always makes me happy.

Private Joy ~ This wasn't a top 40 hit, but it should have been.

Sleep Around ~ The best love advice you will ever get. "Do it like she likes it so your baby don't want to sleep around."

Got a Broken Heart Again ~ Off of the Dirty Mind album, this ballad stands out for its innocence.

Love 2 the 9's ~ I'm not the world's greatest musician, but I'm a good enough musician to know what a great musician Prince was. The timing and cord changes on this song impress the hell out of me.

America ~ The hyper-nationalism of the 80s turned into a funky flutstramental.

Let's Pretend We're Married ~ Pretend was all I had for years!

Live 4 Love ~ Can a fighter pilot become a peacenik in under 7 minutes? You betcha!

Scarlet Pussy ~ The dogs line up!

Chelsea Rodgers ~ Because super models need love too!

I could go on, but I have real work to do. One thing is for certain, he may have been only 5' 2" but a giant has left the room.


  1. No comments?! How's that possible?!

    GW--- Brilliantly done.

  2. I could give a rat's ass about that undersized little runt. I have never heard any of his songs nor have given that little idiot a cent.

  3. Great music, like beauty, is in the eye (ear) of the beholder...

    'Little Red Corvette:' Chevrolet pays tribute to Prince
    USA Today

    "As tributes continue to pour in marking the death of Prince, few were more striking than the one that came from General Motors' Chevrolet division."

    "Chevy bought full-page ads in six newspapers that depict the iconic back end of a crimson 1963 Chevrolet Corvette. It was pictured against a black background with the epitaph: "Baby that was much too fast, 1958-2016," a nod to the lyrics in Prince's 1982 hit Little Red Corvette..."

    Prince - Little Red Corvette (Music Video)

    "Little Red Corvette" is a song by American musician Prince. Released as a single from the album 1999 in 1983, the song was his biggest hit at the time, and his first to reach the top 10 in the U.S., peaking at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart...In the song, Prince narrates a one-night stand with a beautiful but promiscuous woman (the "Little Red Corvette" of the title); although he enjoys the experience, he urges her to "slow down" and "find a love that's gonna last" before she destroys herself. In addition to the title, he uses several other automobile metaphors, for example comparing their lovemaking to a ride in a limousine.

  4. @5:26

    Why am I not surprised that someone with such poor taste so as to post a nasty comment on a holiday/tribute post also lacks the taste necessary to appreciate Prince's genius.

    "How they look at life through their pocket camera. What, no flash again? They're all a bunch of double drags who teach their kids that love is bad, while half of the staff of their brains are on vacation."

  5. Thanks for that @6:18!

    At least GM has better sense than Kodak who sued Paul Simon over Kodachrome. It's free advertising stooges!


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