How to Find that Work/Life Balance?

When you practice with this guy I know one way for sure:

Either that or have some of the new lawyer kids really get to know art, you know, to the point where you have them and their family serve as tour guides for your fancy office:
"We are going to train lawyers and their spouses to be docents and give tours of the art collection," he said.
That way both the heart and the mind are served!

But two young associates at Kluger Kaplan had a few more practical suggestions, beyond having spouses drop everything to trek in to Brickell to offer office tours:
1.     Establish boundaries. For example, when you get home from work you may decide not to check your emails for the first hour so you can spend uninterrupted quality time with your family. On the weekends, you might look at your phone and address an issue with a quick email saying you will handle the matter first thing Monday. That way, you are appeasing your employer but still maintaining a level of balance.
Exactly -- for example, telling your employer that maybe it's not that hot of an idea for your spouse to leave home and the kids in order to show somebody the art around the office, something like that.

Just a suggestion!

God bless Alan and all the dreamers, the iconoclasts, the ones who think big and are unafraid to fail, who don't march lock-step, the lovers, the artists, the crazy uncles and self-made Coral Gables cruise lawyers who make life interesting, God bless them all.


  1. You've outdone yourself again, SFL!

  2. Watch out for this little fat guy. He stiffs his referring attorneys, so do not even think about sending him or his firm a case. Refer it to an honest attorney.


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