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It's Axiomatic That Judge Shepherd Would Sue Riviera Country Club in County Court!

And he should absolutely be treated like any other pro se litigant who happens to be a 3d DCA bunkerite who controls the fate of any lowly county court judge who should be so unfortunate as to preside over this case:
"I'm absolutely confident that whoever hears this particular case will call it as he or she sees it," Shepherd said. "I'm a citizen of the state of Florida and Miami-Dade County just like anybody else, and if I have a friendly difference with somebody, which I do in this particular case, I should be able to exercise my rights just like anybody else."

I love how lawsuits start -- with such hope and optimism!

(Actually I agree with the Judge, let him keep the $75 already.)

Happy Friday, plebes!


  1. What a waste of time and resources. All county Court judges within 3rd DCA probably should recuse, meaning case would have to be reassigned to judge from another county. I think SC has to do the reassignment.

  2. Happy Friday, SFL. :)

    Sincerely Your #1Fan......Always.

  3. Spencer's WorldApril 9, 2016 at 8:15 AM

    (The following is an unpaid advertisement for legal services. The hiring of an attorney is an important decision. That is why you should hire the following attorney)

    Are you or loved one a member of an exclusive country club?

    Are you or a loved one over seventy?

    Are you or a loved one being required to cash in your 8 figure IRA because the country club wants to balance their Caviar debt and re-sod the 8th green (yet again!!) on the backs of you during what should be your quiet and golden years?

    Are you or a loved one a federal district court judge, a judge on a distinguished appellate court, or the owner of a multi-billion dollar hedge fund?

    Don't pay that FEE. (In Miami we habla NO PAGO That Fee)


    AT THE COUNTRY CLUB DEFENSE TEAM ( (c)2016 Aronfeld and Associates) we fight for your rights.

    County court can be a dangerous place with byzantine rules, judges who flee the bench and lock themselves in their chambers, and the riff-raff of civilization that you have paid valuable treasury to avoid in your country club to begin with.

    If you have to go to county court and wait hours for your case to be called, your country club has already won.

    Would you wait 30 minutes for your gin and tonic?
    Would you wait an hour for your shrimp cocktail or 90 minutes surrounded by angry, dirty people speaking a foreign language while waiting for the first tee?

    Of course not.

    So why wait several hours for a county court judge who has child care issues and is only on the bench three hours a day to wade through the pedestrian complaints of broken fences, unpaid cell phone bills, ruined tuxedos by the dry cleaner before deciding whether your country club has unfairly required you to pay $75 a month? That is money that can be well spent securing a table at Joes (wink wink- remember, only on the way out!!)

    At the COUNTRY CLUB DEFENSE TEAM we fight for you. Prices starting as low as $99 per complaint (court costs, filing fees and opposing counsel attorneys fees not included) we will take your club to court and let them know they can't push you around just like they can't make you wait more than ten minutes for the valet to bring your car after the spring social mixer.

    CALL US NOW. Attorneys are standing by.

  4. Genius as always

  5. Wondering if those judges disclosed their membership in racist country club on judicial applications?

  6. Ask Judge Ryskamp about that 9:58.


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