Judge Ryskamp Presides Over Bagel Battle!

And the 11th is sending it back down to him for a third(!) bite of the poppy (but not too much seeds please!):
At issue today is whether the district court erred by refusing to issue an order to show cause why Bersin Bagel Group (“Bersin”) should not be cited for contempt for prosecuting a series of state law claims in a Florida court after having been enjoined from doing so by the federal court.  This is the second trip this case has taken to our Court.  The first time we considered the matter, we concluded that the Court lacked jurisdiction to entertain the appeal and, therefore, we declined to rule on its merits.  This time, now clothed with jurisdiction, we conclude that the district court did not abuse its discretion by declining to enjoin Bersin from prosecuting its case against Original Brooklyn Water Bagel (“OBWB”) in state court.  Nor did the district court err in declining to hold Bersin in contempt.
Schmear on my brothers!

Now watch this commercial from my childhood which explains a lot, an awful lot: