Let's End the Week on a High Note!

How, might you ask?

By talking Scott Rothstein!!!!
Disbarred attorney Steven Lippman, a former law partner of convicted Ponzi mastermind Scott Rothstein, wants to help make sure other lawyers don't fall into the same trap he did. Lippman, who received a two-year prison term for helping Rothstein break federal election laws and commit bank fraud, plans to teach a continuing legal education course May 26 in Fort Lauderdale called "Rothstein: Lessons Learned Working Inside Florida's Most Notorious Law Firm."
The CLE is sponsored by the Legal Learning Series, a company that offers CLEs and legal events in South Florida. Director Robert Friedman said he has applied for Florida Bar accreditation but has not yet received it. Bar spokeswoman Francine Walker said the bar has not received the application.
Umm, huh?

But America loves a redemption story, still the question according to Berger Singerman's Charlie Lichtman is -- is he sincere?
"If Steve goes in front of the room and overtly acknowledges and owns the various things he did were wrong, as he did at his criminal sentencing hearing, then more power to him, and I wish him a lot of luck," Lichtman said. "If he takes any other approach and blames others or hedges or says he didn't know what was happening, then I wouldn't believe he was rehabilitated. I hope he gets it right."
Should be interesting -- Happy Friday, fellas!!


  1. "'Cause I've climbed the tree of life
    And that is why, no longer scared if I fall.....Nothing Fails"


    Happy Friday, SFL. :)


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