3d DCA Watch -- Bagism for Beginners Edition!

Sorry I'm a day late and more than a dollar short on this week's 3d DCA Watch, but "life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" said somebody smart and consequential who also got into a bag for peace, anyhoo let's move on and here we are, so there.

Isn't it cool that Judge Garland has never been reversed?

Fun fact:  Justice Rehnquist's houses all had restrictive covenants (but they were unenforceable due to a 1948 Supreme Court ruling he probably didn't support at the time, doesn't that cure everything?).


Surprise -- no one understands proposals for settlement!

Congrats Judge Ramirez!

You cannot appeal from orders you agreed to.

Miami can't force its way into Key Biscayne's case against the County over that stupid boat show.

Aaah, somebody's crushing on Judge Cueto:
We affirm the trial court’s detailed, scholarly, and painstaking order on all points. 
"Detailed, scholarly, and painstaking" -- I'm putting that phrase on my Tinder profile!

 Happy whatevs!


  1. Bagism ~ the method by which Donald Trump's wife has sex with him without vomiting.

  2. I like that proposal for settlement case. Don't mention releases in a PFS. Just stick with what the Rule says it has to say.

  3. Rameriz will be out of Diaz firm quickly. Just like Isreal who bolted when he found out what these rascals were up to.

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