3d DCA Watch -- Dinah Stein Dinah Stein Dinah Stein!

One of the finest books never brought to screen is Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian, the blood-soaked tale of scalp-hunters traipsing through a violent, vivid, carnival-like Wild West landscape, all led by one of the most original bad-arse, conflicted protagonists ever, "The Judge":
No matter where you look on the call sheet, there are characters any actor would kill to play, but none are more appealing then McCarthy’s most reprehensible character, Judge Holden. A pederast, an intellectual, and the embodiment of evil- the Judge may just be a demon from hell. Holden is a learned man, frequently pontificating on the precepts of law, chemistry, philosophy, and various other intellectual subjects while at the same time committing despicable acts of rape and murder. McCarthy describes him as a massive man standing over seven feet tall. He is extremely strong and carries a howitzer as though it were a rifle. The judge is completely bereft of hair, possibly suffering from alopecia. He also takes great pains in protecting his skin from the sun, as his skin will burn red from exposure. Although many of the characters from BLOOD MERIDIAN are drawn from real people, no one has yet found a source for Judge Holden.
In our own little concrete legal bunker there lives another fearsome protagonist, who just notched another on the belt of victories:
Petitioner Richard Fonseca seeks a writ of certiorari and/or prohibition preventing the trial court from entering an order granting Respondents Taverna Imports, Inc.’s (the “Corporation”) and Mario Taverna’s (“Taverna”) motion for offset. The trial court’s prospective order will have the effect of merging four separate judgments from two independent trial court cases. We grant Fonseca’s petition seeking prohibition because the trial court lacks jurisdiction to modify the adjudications, the appeals of which are currently pending in this Court.
Another one down!

(Plus she's a lot nicer than The Judge!)