3d DCA Watch -- Ha Ha It's Star Wars Marketing Day Again and Again and Again!

Listen I was right there in line when the movie came out, I remember the original models and action figures, the dumb holiday show etc. in real time, but umpteen remakes, spin-offs, perv fan fiction(!) and endless Disney machining later, the whole how-much-money-can-we-make-from-your-childhood-thing is starting to get a little old, oh well let's just get Death Star bunkerized:

Always dangerous to grant sj in a negligence case:
Courts must be particularly restrained in granting summary judgment in negligence cases and summary judgment should not be granted “unless the facts are so crystallized that nothing remains but questions of law.”
Makes sense, unless the appellate court feels like reweighing the evidence (oops!).

Just what is the City of Miami planning to do with Watson Island (give it away to developers and spoil the island forever) -- the great Sam Dubbin wants to know!

(Note to Sam -- update that firm website!).

It's Salami Time!

I guess you can't just walk across from Starbucks into 73 West Flagler and sue Argentina?
For the reasons that follow, we conclude that Argentina is an indispensable party and Argentina cannot be joined as a party because it is immune from suit under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (“FSIA”).  Thus, the trial court properly dismissed GMI’s action, and we affirm.
After discussion, the attorneys jointly moved for a continuance of the non-jury trial in order to alleviate any prejudice.  Their respective clients consented to the joint motion.  On the date scheduled for trial, the trial court denied the joint motion to continue.  C&C then moved to exclude Nationstar’s proposed corporate witness on the grounds that the witness who had been deposed was not made available, and the trial court granted the motion.  At that point, C&C’s attorney moved for an involuntary dismissal.  The trial court granted that motion as well and later denied Nationstar’s motion for rehearing.  This appeal followed.
Would it have killed you to grant the joint continuance (I have become my mother)?

Was that an almost-Star Wars reference?


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