BREAKING -- Facially Hairless Spencer Brews Up Cruise Ship Brewery Suits!

Oh I've got a lot of questions -- we follow Spence religiously across all social media (that includes FB, the gram, kik, chat, tweet, chirp, tumblr, tinder and and yet where is the lavishly-produced video of the removal of the goat, the lovingly photographed and heavily filtered image of his shorn beard hair slowly swirling into the bespoke, artisan drain crafted in Italy by real live Roman gypsies, the post-shave raw skin beat down, you know all the usual pomp and circumstance:

UPDATE:  A tipster actually passed along a grainy image of the "post-shave raw skin beat down" (this is not offered as a standard spa service, you have to #hackthemenu):


  1. Looks like Spenny is leaning out for bikini season. Looking good girlfriend.

  2. Enjoy your cruise, but if you die call me so I can sue the cruise line!
    No but really, enjoy your cruise.

  3. This guy is an embarrassment to the profession. He is a self promoting ass who has no legal talent what so ever. I am surprised that anyone would ever hire him if they met him.

  4. Not Spencer AronfeldMay 26, 2016 at 2:03 PM

    Thanks Mom!

  5. Hey Anonymous 11:13 jealous much?


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