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Civil War!

Stand with team Trump, I mean Iron Man. F that, I'm team Cap all the way.
Donald Trump has used tweets to insult women and ethnic groups, and to drive news cycles over everything from his late-night TV choices to his midday food options.

But he escalated his feud this morning with House Speaker Paul Ryan in a profound way, with implications and ramifications that extend far beyond November.

“Paul Ryan said that I inherited something very special, the Republican Party,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Wrong, I didn't inherit it, I won it with millions of voters!”

On a basic level, Trump is right. He stands now as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee because of millions of the Republican Party’s own voters, and in spite of, almost to a man and woman, the party’s leadership.

Many or most of those who matured under traditional conservative ideas, shaped by opinion-makers and even presidents, have never been able to accept the idea of Trump as the nominee because he gave so little care to what they have considered core to the party’s ideals.

But that’s where Ryan and a handful of other prominent Republicans come in. The speaker’s unusual decision to hedge on his support for Trump at this moment – to declare that earning millions of more votes than any other candidate isn’t enough to earn the support of the Republican speaker of the people’s House – is a move that will be felt for years, perhaps decades.
Wait, so if Trump is Tony Stark then does that make Paul Ryan Captain America? No. No. No.

Besides, Tony Stark has already endorsed Hillary Clinton. Typical 1%er.

Captain America definitely feels the Bern! 


  1. Elizabeth Beck here again. I just remembered I did blog once before. It was almost 10 years ago and I abandoned the project shortly. Well, maybe second time's gonna be a charm.

  2. Hi Elizabeth you are welcome to submit a guest post -- we'd love that!!

  3. Hello, S. Fla. Lawyers! Jared Beck's wife here.

    Thank you for the write-up on Jared's Facebook post. I read Civil War with interest, as it deals with Bernie, Trump, and 1%-ers. Lordy!

    Jared posted his story on Facebook, but he also posted it as a guest on my brand spanking new blog. His post is the second, located here: (by the way, that picture of Trump was taken in no other place than our esteemed Broward courthouse, during the trial. Maybe Trump is making a pissy face because he is smelling the mold).

    The first post of my blog is here:

    As for what the heck JamPAC is, here is a write up:

    Good people seem to run screaming when I mention that we started a SuperPAC in February, but I hope to dispel some of that apprehension.


  4. South Florida Lawyers, thank you for the invitation.

    I am 41, and seriously trying to blog for the first time in my life. It is hard work! Props to you.

    I hope to keep the blog going. I am pretty salty in real life and I could probably write an article on the nuances of dropping the F-bomb (the F-bomb to me is like ice to Eskimos--so many ways to say and use it!) but the JamPAC blog will be clean and professional!

    Like Jared, I am a big Berner too. I feel lonely--any other lawyers out there for Bernie in So. Florida??? :-(


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