Just Who is "Not Prepared"?

Is this guy for realz:
Rubio said he is still “not prepared” to confirm Mary Barzee Flores, the local attorney nominated to the federal bench last year, and he won’t specifically say why not.
What a douche! 

Oh and Happy Friday!!!


  1. He is, in fact, a douche.

  2. Rubio is a pud for a host of reasons. If someone is not getting through, get someone else.

    Rubio blocked William Thomas, so we got Darrin Gayles instead. The district didn't collapse when Thomas got snubbed. Gayles is a great judge.

    Mary Barzee was a judge. Then she quit. Then she wanted to be a judge again. Lots of other qualified judges and mags out there, so let them have a shot at the appointment. Thornton or Lopez would be great federal judges. Appoint one of them and we will all forget Barzee.

  3. @ 552 pm - The issue is not why we should not waste an appointment on someone who will, in 2 years, have to take senior and retire (Thornton), or why we should not appoint an unqualified candidate.

    The issue is why gutless, loser, do-nothing, namby-pamby, Marco can't be honest.

  4. holding up this nomination might be the only decent thing Rubio has done since being a elected as a senator

  5. why's that 11:32?

  6. Little Marco is not prepared; this means a higher power (TFB) is not prepared.


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