Let's Give These Fellas a Hand!

It was a long, hard-fought road from spurious allegation to complete vindication, but that only makes the ending more sweet:
The Miccosukee tribe will pay $4 million to its former attorneys after targeting them in a series of failed lawsuits repeatedly rejected by courts as frivolous. 
The settlement is a significant victory for prominent Miami lawyers Guy Lewis and Michael Tein, who have long been mired in legal battles over their former representation of the Indian tribe, whose members live in several reservations in the Everglades.
The money goes toward settling legal costs the two incurred in fighting the lawsuits, which resulted in judges sanctioning the tribe and its former lawyer, Bernardo Roman III. A Florida Bar inquiry into Roman is also pending.
Well done all around, and hats off to the newly-shingled Paul Calli -- you boys take a victory lap, then back to work (it's Monday after all!).


  1. Show offs. Give me a Miccosukee client and I would be sitting pretty.Billing and suing and suing and billing and peace everywhere and much wampum for everyone. These jokers killed the indian that laid the golden tepee.

    It's Mixed metaphors Monday at our law firm.
    And yes, I know it's not PC. Lighten-up, Francis. (Bonus points for the movie quote ).

  2. Any you guys call me Francis, I kill you.
    Come on man. Meatballs. Really. It just doesn't matter.

  3. Recruiter: Now, are either of you homosexuals?

    Winger: You mean, like, flaming, or...

    Recruiter: Well, it's a standard question we have to ask.

    Ziskey: No, we're not homosexual, but we are *willing to learn*.

  4. Paul is soooo dreamy

  5. Paul is a man-hunk!

  6. Do you remember when barnturdo was asked if he was making more money than he ever thought he'd make in his life? And then he said NO, he thought he'd make a LOT more in the future!

    damn, that was funny....


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