Magistrate McAliley On Mindfulness!

Kudos to Magistrate McAliley for sharing her thoughts on mindfulness not just with every judge in the land who reads her letter (here), but also with us lawyers!

Writes the Magistrate: 
Most judges, after all, do their jobs well without reference to mindfulness or calling on mindfulness practices. When a judge is able to whole-heartedly pay attention, without the distortion of habit, bias, or assumptions, that judge is more likely to treat people, and manage a courtroom, in a manner that encourages confidence in our system of justice. 
Hear, hear! (I hope Justice Thomas reads the Magistrate's letter!) Magistrate McAliley is a fantastic Magistrate, even on a day when she might not have had time for mindfulness meditation.


  1. Dude -- it's Magistrate *Judge*!

  2. Eeeewwww, Neal is her brother.


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