Oh No Yet Another FL Bar Fraudulent Email Alert -- Boy Are We Dumb!

We've previously covered the daily barrage of annoying emails -- no, not the blatantly obvious phishing, but those scary perfectly legitimate ones coming from the Florida Bar:

The Florida Bar warns its members about a third fraudulent email, this one with the subject "Florida Bar Complaint - Attorney Consumer Assistance Program," that is being distributed. We advise members not to click on any links contained within the email and to delete it immediately. We suspect that this email contains a link to a malicious software known as Ransomware.

The fraudulent email is allegedly signed by William J. Schifino, Jr. and it informs members that a complaint has been filed against their law practice. If you have questions about Bar complaints, please call the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP) at 1-866-352-0707.

The Florida Bar's computer system has not been hacked; it appears that deceitful individuals are using members' email addresses for malicious purposes. We ask members to exercise caution and common sense when opening emails from unknown senders. Recently, the American Bar Association Cybersecurity Legal Task Force released a "Cyber Alert" emphasizing education and awareness.


Dear Bar Member:
A complaint has been files against your law practice.
You have 10 days to file a rebuttal if you so desire. Rebuttals should not exceed 25 pages and may refer to any additional documents or exhibits that are available on request.
Please be advised that as an arm of the Supreme Court of Florida, The Florida Bar can investigate allegations of misconduct against attorneys, and where appropriate, request that the attorney be disciplined. The Florida Bar cannot render legal advice nor can The Florida Bar represent individuals or intervene on their behalf in any civil or criminal matter.
Please review the enclosed complaint.
www.Flabar.org/acap/20160125698.html [link]
If filing a rebuttal please do so during the specified time frame.

William J Schifino, Jr.
Attorney Consumer Assistance Program
Pretty clever, eh?

Question:  by enclosing a working hyperlink (we disabled it), did you just perpetuate the goals of these "deceitful individuals" (I like the moral judgment embedded in that phrase!)?

Also -- I'm so sick of deceitful tricksters trying to pass themselves off as Willie Schifino!

(Just kidding -- you're a good guy, Bill!)


  1. Best way to get a table at Joe's

  2. Maybe the bar should stop selling our emails addresses.

  3. That actually reads like it was written by an American. Why can't I get that person to tell me about his aunt's Nigerian gold?

  4. well, not exactly like an American: "A complaint has been files"


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