Planet Trump

Can I get this election with the racism and misogyny on the side? I'm not sure if I'm going to like the racism and misogyny.
Republican elected officials, donors and strategists grappled uncomfortably on Wednesday with the inevitability of Donald J. Trump as their presidential nominee, an unexpectedly sudden denouement that left many in a state of political paralysis and others vowing to oppose the party’s new standard-bearer.
While some called for unity, many Republican leaders refrained from falling in line behind Mr. Trump, with dozens avoiding inquiries about where they stood or saying they wanted Mr. Trump to detail his policies or tone down his language first. Others tied themselves in knots as they praised and criticized Mr. Trump in a single breath, or suggested that they could abide Mr. Trump but loathed his agenda.

Hahaha! Republicans are writing the Democrats campaign ads, and staring in them!

Yes, Donald is a uniter! He's managing to put me and the Bush family on the same side in politics and that my friends is no easy feet!