"Dear, Let's Consolidate in Order to Provide Greater National and International Bench Strength!"

Hey, is it just me or is this a thoroughly sexist way for The Gray Lady to describe the Senator from Massachusetts:
In her day job, Ms. Warren cuts an imperious swath through the Capitol, striding down hallways, her jewel-toned jacket swaying behind her, refusing to speak to or even make eye contact with reporters. Small talk with elevator operators and other staff? Not her style. And the Democrat from Massachusetts is rarely front and center pushing major legislation.
So you're saying she's a TOUGH SCHEMING BITCH-ON-WHEELS?

How original guys, keep that up!

TDF's Davis said because of both firms' shared approach to sectors and commitment to building up a US presence, joining was 'a very natural decision'. 'The landscape of law in the US is changing. Law firms are consolidating in order to provide greater national and international bench strength to their clients,' he said. 'We now have huge potential to further expand in Florida and to play a part in Clyde & Co's US growth story.'
To my pal Barry, congratulations you sweet talker you and enjoy the post-merger connubial bliss hearty distribution!

Finally, I'll be taking my usual summer break, to recharge my gin-soaked batteries, refresh the solar unit on my digital camera to the world, and in general enjoy some connubial bliss of my own.

See you in a few, in the meantime the usual gang of inciteful insightful nudnicks will hopefully entertain you intermittently.

And that's a promise!


  1. Enjoy your summer SFL!!

  2. Mwaaah!!

    It's gonna be an awesome summer!!


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