Fabulous Friday!

Of course all Friday's are fabulous, but this one is especially so.  Today is the day that equality got a little more equal.
The Obama administration has officially ended the US military’s ban on openly serving transgender troops, ABC News reported.
Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the change on Thursday, saying only soldiers’ qualifications for service should be relevant to the military, not their gender identity. The ban’s end will be phased in over a year, but trans troops should be able to receive health care and change identification documents by October 1, according to ABC News.
The ban’s end has been a long time coming. The military in 2011 ended “don’t ask, don’t tell,” the ban on openly serving gay and bisexual soldiers. Since then, LGBTQ advocates have been calling for the end of similar regulations that have kept trans soldiers from serving openly, arguing that the ban is outdated and discriminatory.
This is great news! As a veteran I can tell you that there are really only two things I need to know about the people I served with. 1) Can they do their job, and 2) Do they have my back? If you can answer yes to both of those questions, you're on my team.

On side note, I've become quite the spokesperson for transgender rights in my mortal identity. This even though, on a fundamental level, I understand being trans no better than most heterosexuals understand being gay. This is a confusing subject, even for those of us with good intentions. Facebook offers over 50 gender options, and if you thought Spanish verb congregation was a bitch, just try to figure out the pronouns here.

So a word of advice, if you have a trans person in your life, just ask them their pronoun preferences. It's not hard, and it's a good way to show some respect.

LOVE LOVE LOVE ~ have a safe 4th of July Weekend!


  1. So was he originally a woman or was she originally a man?

  2. A trans man is generally born female.

  3. If that is true, than that picture is the best fucking proof that we are talking biology. Cause that dude is buff.

  4. That picture is likely the result of years of hormone therapy, but I don't think that discounts the part biology plays. IMHO there is definitely a biological influence on sexual orientation and gender identity. More science backs this up every day.


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