Florida! Your Vacation Wonderland Toxic Hell Hole

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Rick Scott pandered while Florida putrefied.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declared an emergency as Florida's Treasure Coast becomes less of a treasure due to bright blue-green algae blooms taking over waterways and beaches.
Scott issued Executive Order 16-155 declaring an emergency in Martin and St. Lucie counties Wednesday, according to a statement. The executive order allows state and local governments to take action against the spread of the algal blooms by redirecting the water flow in and out of Lake Okeechobee.
"I am also asking [the Department of Environmental Protection and [the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission] to take actions to address the issues caused by algal blooms in South Florida waterways, including developing a hotline for residents to report algal blooms and deploying teams of additional staff to more rapidly survey and sample areas impacted by blooms," said Scott in the statement. 
The algae forced Treasure Coast officials to close some beaches in Martin County this week, just days before the Fourth of July holiday weekend, the Palm Beach Post reports, and has been spotted in waterways and canals across much of South Florida.
"It's just been incubating and growing and growing," Matt Athan, who lives near the St. Lucie River in Stuart, told WPBF. "And you can see how thick it is. And the smell is just atrocious."
Come to Florida, the smell is just atrocious! What's really atrocious is the way we are being sold out by our state government's unwavering allegiance to unsustainable agriculture.  They privatize their earnings and socialize the costs on all of us.

This is no accident. This is science; the expected result from shamelessly abusing the environment in this fashion.


  1. Pam Bondi is also working to stink up the air we breathe.


  2. It wasn't always like this. Nixon gave us the EPA. But if you care about the environment and you vote for these Republicans we have today, you don't care about the environment.


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