Guy Bailey Holy Crap (Again).

That is all.
Guy Bailey, the once-prominent Coconut Grove lawyer convicted of stealing $700,000 from his clients, is headed to prison for 25 months after failing to pay any restitution.
 Be nice to everyone you see on the way up etc.


  1. This idiot is copying your blog as well. Welcome to the party.

  2. Guy Bailey... a guy who could have had it all had he simply paid his bills and not thought he was above the rules.

  3. There is a lot more to this story. The $700,000 that Bailey stole was part of a settlement between Bailey's clients, Murray and Seth Levrant, and the exwife of Murray's son Jordan. A handwriting expert opined that the signature on a change of beneficiary form for a life insurance policy had been forged. and in Murray Levrant's deposition he admitted he mailed the change of beneficiary form to the life insurance company AFTER his son Jordan had tragically passed away-- during a confrontation with police following a report that Jordan had struck a neighbor in the face; police came and restrained him while he was allegedly under the influence of cocaine. He died while in police custody, allegedly. Post death, Jordan's dad Murray mailed a change of beneficiary form naming Murray and his son Seth as beneficiaries. The exwife sued and the parties settled. If Murray or Seth did forge the change of beneficiary form they didnt deserve the money anyway. Thats the irony. It doesnt excuse Guy Bailey's theft of settlement money but G-d does work in mysterious ways.


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