I Was a Gay Repubilcan

True fact, but it was just a phase. In the 2007-08 election I briefly joined the Republican Party and worked at the grassroots level for Ron Paul. Obviously, I've parted ways with Dr. Paul and the GOP, and the major catalyst for that parting was, in that brief period of time within the GOP, I discovered it was a party infested with racists, homophobes, and many other whacked out extremists.

So I just have to call bullshit on this.

Conservative columnist George Will has left the Republican Party. The longtime commentator reportedly made the announcement during a Federalist Society event in Washington, D.C., on Friday. Will, who resides in Maryland, said he changed his affiliation this month from Republican to unaffiliated. A report from PJ Media quoted Will as saying: “This is not my party.” He also said that it’s too late for the Republican Party to nominate someone who isn’t Donald Trump, an idea that those in the Never Trump movement have been holding on to as the convention nears. “Make sure he loses,” he said. “Grit their teeth for four years and win the White House.”
In just a few months I could see that the very base of this party was inherently defective but it took George Will this long? After 40+ years of Southern Strategy, he's shocked to find racists there? And here I always thought he was the smart conservative. 

It's not going to be any better 4 years from now George. Trump will hopefully be history but the people who voted for him will still be there.


  1. I don't follow. He says he's left the party because of Trump, not because of the reasons you cited. The reasons you cite are valid, but I didn't see where Will cited them as his reason for leaving the party.

  2. I see Trump and the base that elected him as part of the same problem. ~ GW

  3. "Though George Will is no longer a Republican, he clearly believes that the party is redeemable, and that small-government conservatism can still win the day — if only principled conservatives take a stand against Trump. But that ship has sailed. The GOP became the party of Trump long before Trump became the nominee. The billionaire may be more outwardly vulgar and fact-free than any of his Republican colleagues, but his paranoid style of white-identity politics was inevitable in a political party that consciously chose to exploit white resentment and racism decades ago with the Southern Strategy."

  4. Both major parties suck. Vote Libertarian.


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