Moral of the Story: Don't Be Greedy.

This is an unfortunate tale, and also a serious transgression.

Can the Bar and voluntary associations do more to address these issues before they get out of hand?

Steffens said his troubles began when his first marriage ended.
"Unfortunately I let depression that set in after my first divorce cripple me," he said. "And instead of reaching out for help, I wound up with several Bar complaints. The result of that was decreased earnings and fewer clients."
Steffens told the court, "I believed my only avenue would be to take, although at the time I termed it borrow, from funds I had access to through the surplus trustee program."
Rather than seeking to decrease alimony and child support payments or finding other ways to save money, he said, "I became greedy. This is, without hesitation, the biggest regret of my life."
Steffens said he "manipulated" colleagues who had "no idea of the crimes I was committing. I will forever regret these actions" and "I take full and absolute responsibility for these actions."

Or is this justice served?


  1. I feel for the guy. I get it. A lot of us have had divorces, or deaths in the family, or other unfortunate circumstances that may have hurt our respective practices and lead us to make questionable decisions. But $1.5 million in three years isn't a simple "oops, I was depressed and 'forgot' about a SOL deadline or FWOP hearing;" that is greed run a muck. Had he not been caught, when (if ever) would he have stepped up and tried to correct the issue?

  2. link to story please

  3. Of course he deserves to go to prison, unless he could prove not guilty because of insanity. Taking money from your trust account is not LIKE stealing others' money; it IS stealing other people's money, because if it weren't OPM, it wouldn't be in your trust account! One can be sympathetic with this putz but also insist on his going to prison.

  4. It's linked jackass.

  5. All trust account funds belong in a bank, an FDIC insured bank, in an FDIC insured bank account. Lawyers cannot be trusted.


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