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The Gay 9/11

Usually when SFL takes a summer break, the timing works out perfect and I get to cover a big gay rights decision by the Supreme Court. I was here for Windsor. I was here for Obergefell. But with no decision pending this year, I thought I'd quietly post a little legal news mixed with my new favorite Latino alternative and house music tracks. I didn't expect the gay 9/11. That's exactly what this is.

There seems to be some debate going on as to whether this was an act of terrorism or whether it was a hate crime, but my best guess now is that it seems to be both. You can have a strong hatred of homosexuals AND allegiance to radical Islam. In fact the two go together.
Came back from a nice night with a friend to the news. Shocked, horrified, heart broken. Having spent so much of my life, and so many of my best happiest times in gay clubs, I can't even grasp the horror of it. And I can't help those anguished souls in Orlando.
But I can be extra f**king gay today.
Usually when I post pics like the one here, it's for a touch of salaciousness. But this time it's an act of defiance. The perpetrator of this atrocity was allegedly provoked by two men kissing in Miami. That could have been my husband and I, just like it could have been us in that club that night. I'm far from the days when I corralled clubs like Warsaw, Uncle Charlies, and Paragon on a nightly basis, but the man  and I still like to tear up the dance floor when the opportunity arises. There are only a few big gay dance clubs left in the state, and Pulse was one of them.

If the sight of two men kissing is still unusual enough to invoke this kind of reaction,  the first thing that I resolve to do is to kiss by husband everywhere and all the time, until it's so commonplace that no one notices anymore. We will not back down.


  1. You should start by understanding that calling it the gay 911 segregated the gay community from the rest of America. You mine as well say that only gays can mourn the loss of life because it was a gay club. Get over yourself. Nobody gives a shit if you are gay. That dude is a fucking terrorist, I don't care if he killed blacks, gays, whites,Jews, Hispanics or whatever, he attacked my people. Americans in our home. And I am passed. Making our in front of a bunch of people who don't care if you are gay proves nothing. You want to make a point, go to raqua and make out with you boyfriend.

  2. @4:39

    Go to hell.

    No asked you what my response should be. Silence and misdirection will no longer be tolerated regarding the oppression of the LGBT community. It doesn't discount anyone to rightfully point out that this was an attack on the LGBT community. And that rainbow flag, it's multicolored because because it represents people of all colors and creeds.

    So, again go to hell. Like you, your comments are worthless.

  3. Hey dipshit, if no one cares that GW is kissing his man here then why did some idiot shoot up a gay bar here. Completely classless dude.

  4. Some years ago, while working as a banquet server at the top resort hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida, I observed two women kissing passionately, guests at a wedding party.

    Several of my colleagues also witnessed the public display of affection. One co-worker, a man from Eastern Europe, commented, "in my country, we kill them".

    Now, it appears, we kill them here, too.

  5. If it was a synagogue I'd doubt anyone would have an issue.

  6. New information that came out yesterday included the fact that the perp was a regular at Pulse and a frequent user of gay dating apps. He might have been using these venues to scope out targets, but it seems equally likely that he was a repressed homosexual.

  7. I genuinely don't care if it makes you feel weird or you want to complain that it's "divisive" that the mass shooting on Sunday is being framed as an LGBT+ issue. IT IS AN LGBT+ ISSUE. The guy was a homophobe who declared allegiance to whatever group he felt was relevant that week. Look at the faces and stories of the people who died and were maimed by this man's homophobia and racism. How can you erase who he targeted and why?

  8. It is not a matter of erasing it. Framing it as the gay 911 disregards the attack as being one that targeted all of us. Gays are as much a part of my community as anybody else. I am just as outraged as if this had been done to a bunch of Jews, Buddhists or Bikers at some fucking hate filled bar. Terrorism and murder are horrible and need to be eliminated, no matter who it is perpetrated against.

  9. GW:

    Dividing us (which is to say naming your group as separate, whether as black/white, gay/straight, American/foreign) is the root of the problem. The mentally deranged killer was feeding on the hatred of "the other." When we divide ourselves, we perpetuate the concept of "the other."

    This was not a gay tragedy. To call it that, although very well intentioned, has the unintended consequence of furthering the problem. This was a human tragedy. Humans were murdered - not "gays" - humans. That is all we are.

    Before I get more of the vitriol that is displayed above, please read what I said carefully. This is a message of love and inclusion, not of division or hate. If you wish to disagree, please do so in the spirit in which this message is intended. :-)


  10. Apologies in advance TLO, but you're invoking another ass-whipping here. There may be some vulgarities involved as well.


    First of all, the complete logic fail of "dividing us is the root of the problem." Do not fucking seek to tell me, who has been in the trenches fighting for equality for decades, that I'm the one doing the dividing. I was divided off, along with my LGBT brothers, sisters and gender nonconformists, long ago and against our will for the crime of existence.

    The shooter intentionally targeted a gay club. If you wanted a high profile terror attack there are many, many more high profile targets in Orlando. This was a vendetta here. Not to acknowledge that part of the equation is a disservice to truth, justice, and the dead.

    This was both an act of terrorism and a hate crime. But the TeaPublicans only want to talk about the terrorism part, and not the hate crime. Why is that?? I'd say that it's because we can find many in their own ranks displaying the exact same type of vile "hate the gays" and "kill the gays" crap as Islamic State and Al Qaeda. Christian extremism is as dangerous and repugnant as Muslim extremism, perhaps more so because it often gets a pass in our society.

    So yes, humans were murdered. But these humans have been and still are being ostracized, victimized, and brutalized in a way not suffered by most. Unless you address that issue, this type of tragedy is doomed to repeat.

  11. GW:

    I'm sorry for you that you have become so bitter that you cannot tell friend from foe.


  12. If you're not willing to acknowledge that this is a hate crime and that this is a special circumstance beyond terrorism you're not a very good friend.

    Monuments all over the world have been lit up with the rainbow flag BECAUSE the world understands this was an attack on the LGBT community. It's a shame that you don't.

    Your faux enlightenment is annoying, even rude.

  13. This is weird again because if it had been my local Temple I'm pretty sure we could all agree that Jews were targeted and also that it was an act of terrorism. Why is that so hard here?

  14. Because GW is trying to argue that Americans don't view gays as important and valuable as the rest of Americans. His point that he is going to go make out in everybody's face to not yield, etc., suggests that the majority of Americans don't accept gays or are not bothered by this attack. It presumes too much. If this happened at our local temple, the temple would invite everybody to come mourn and discuss prevention. It would not try and figure out how to be divisive.

  15. @7:15

    How exactly am I being divisive again? By claiming that my people were attacked and murdered when my people were attacked and murdered or by resolving that I won't shy away from showing my spouse affection in public?

    God, you are an asshole.

    I'll be participating in a memorial for the victims today that I helped plan. Do you know who this fag atheist first thought to invite? Leaders of faith, and I'll be sharing the stage with a Catholic Priest, a Rabbi, and an Imam.

    Why exactly is it you take pleasure in talking shit you know nothing about?

  16. And the fact that gay rights have come so far, even over the span of the existence of this blog, is testament to the fact that most Americans do value their LGBT brothers and sister.

    But there is also a vocal minority out there who think that we're not equal. That we're deranged. That we're perverts, and that we're worthy of death. It doesn't take a genius to conclude that those people and their toxic philosophy had something to do with the bad switch in Mateen's brain.

  17. Talking about prevention without acknowledging the cause is a fool's errand.

  18. SFL and GW:

    I suppose the problem, at least with our disagreement (I won't speak to the other commentors), is that I don't believe that this, or the theoretical attack on a synagogue, is any different than any other mass murder.

    Human life is sacred. Period. The attack at Pulse is an attack on sacred human lives. I feel like calling it narrowing to an attack on gays or jews diminishes the value of all human life as equal. It says to non-gays or non-jews, "this is ours and not yours." That's just not true. The attack at Pulse, or the theoretical attack at a synagogue, is mine too. It is an attack on humans, the one and only group that matters that I belong to.

    I have never understood why killing a man because he sucks at soccer ("plain" murder) is any less horrible than killing a man because he sucks dick (a "hate crime"). Or why is it less abominable to kill a man because he disagrees with you over business ("plain" murder) than it is to kill him because he disagrees with you over politics ("terrorism"). And don't tell me that terrorism has to do with the math of the killings, there have been other serial killers and mass murders that were not "terrorism."


  19. GW, thank you. And I'll be in defiance with you.


  21. A hate crime is different than a simple act of violence because it doesn't just target an individual, it's a tool for targeting a whole community. It causes extra layers of harm beyond the individual victim. That's one of the things you need to understand to grasp this issue.

    I'll take you at your word that you value all human life, so thanks for that. But if you really want to talk prevention then we have to look at all the causes. This is more complicated than "Muslims hate Jews so Jews hate Muslims." This is about a slithering culture of homophobia and hate that weaves through many communities, societies, and faiths.

    Over the next few days I'm going to post some extreme examples of this, so maybe you'll better understand this issue.

    This is particularly hard on the LGBT community because the gay clubs have long been our only public safe spaces. The modern gay rights movement was born at Stonewall when the powers that be tried to take away those few safe spaces. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I want a world where I don't have to worry about this shit. I want a world where we are all equal, accepted, and no one has to think twice about holding hands with their significant other. But that world will never exist unless we expunge this hate from our global consciousnesses. You can't expunge it if you're pretending it doesn't exist or that it's not a factor.

  22. "'Scuse me while I kiss this guy!" - Jimi Hendrix

  23. GW:

    I am not pretending that hatred of homosexuals does not exist or is not a (or even THE) cause of the attack at Pulse. Rather, I suggest that it be tackled head on by ending the artificial distinctions that divide us.

    I am openly acknowledging that the killer acted based on hatred of homosexuals.

    I am arguing that the cause of the hatred is the division of society - whoever the "other" happens to be, in this case homosexuals. But the other has often been blacks, or Jews, or Shiite, or Sunni, or Asians, or Hispanics, or gypsies or Slavs or, or, or, or, or .....

    My suggestion addresses the root of the problem. The root of the problem is hate of the "other" based on division of humanity. My solution is to work to bring us together to get past the concept of the other, not to emphasize differences.

    Your ideas and mine are not opposed in intention, are not offensive or rude; but they are different. I hope that we can continue to disagree civilly and acknowledge the commonality of our position (i.e. 1) what happened at Pulse was an abomination, and 2) gay people shouldn't be treated differently than straight people).


  24. This has been an interesting and thoughtful discussion. What a surprise these days!

  25. This is like the BLM movement. Yes, of course all lives matter but to say that on the backdrop of a sickening number of black deaths is disrespectful, even infuriating.

    My problem with you 11:54 is that you seem to think every aspect of my thoughts and intentions are posted here on this blog, when in fact you're all only looking through a tiny keyhole. Sorry, that's all my time allows.

    Without giving up my 'secret identity' let me assure you that I do and will work with anyone anywhere towards building understanding and the better world that comes from it. But I didn't segregate my community. We used to live under fear of arrest. Now we live under fear of violence. That fear is very real and founded in reality. It is literally the wall that divides us. It won't go way on its own, we have to drive it out.

  26. GW:

    I will let you have the last word on the substance of our chat. Thanks for a vigorous discussion.


  27. Peace and good fortune to you TLO.


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