3d DCA Watch -- I Don't Feel Like Writing About the 3d DCA Today.

Sheesh, on the one day I'm not that interested in doing a 3d DCA Watch and would rather talk about something else, the bunker emits a banner crop(?) of opinions, requiring all to gaze at their handiwork.

So let's gaze:

Horse biting!

I agree with the trial judge on this one.

Major PIP reimbursement decision.

Ok, so there you go.

But all I really wanted to highlight today was this profound moment involving former President George W. Bush -- I know, shocking right?

But in this setting these are beautiful words, simply stated:
Your loss is unfair. We cannot explain it. We can stand beside you and share your grief.
Of course he then quickly reverted to form (oh well).


  1. Exactly! Everyone knows only African-Americans churchgoers are permitted to sway during hymns.

  2. new speechwriter


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