Go Become Friends With Marcos Jimenez!

The former US Attorney is a mensch and true patriot.

BTW, I actually shed tears this morning as I watched this remarkable speech.

God bless America.


  1. Translation-he pissed on Trump.

  2. I absolutely loved how the 1st Lady threw shade at Donald Trump without mentioning his name, not even once. Unlike the Republican Convention which was more or less, "Welcome To The Hilary Clinton Bashing Convention" Sheesh, enough about her emails.

  3. I thought you only cry when we say goodbye! ;-)


  4. Fantastic speech.

    Hey SFL, how about a shout out to Julie Braman Kane, who was sworn in on Sunday evening at the AAJ convention in Los Angeles, as the new President of the American Association for Justice. (AAJ).

    Cap Out ...

  5. You broke this story but they gave the credit to Politico.


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