The Law and Order Candidate

I'm tired of this crap, and it's not just because I live my life on the perpetual edge of sexual exhaustion. I keep hearing that Trump is the "Law and Order" candidate. Well, if by "law and order" he means "pissing all over the constitution"then sure.
“Taken together, his policies and positions, if put into place, would violate the Constitution and federal and international law,” says Anthony Romero, the executive director of the ACLU, which reviewed the candidate’s agenda and determined that “Trump’s proposals would violate the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth Amendments of the Constitution.”

“If put into place, (his policies) would violate the Constitution and federal and international law.” —ACLU on Trump
Trump has from the start of his campaign sparked controversy with statements, actions, and proposals that disregard the First Amendment. He and his aides have created blacklists of journalists, and the candidate has expressed an interest in rewriting libel laws in order to intimidate, punish, and potentially silence critics of powerful individuals and interests. Trump has, as well, proposed schemes to discriminate against Muslims and to spy on mosques and neighborhoods where Muslims live—with steady disregard for the amendment’s guarantee of protection for America’s diverse religious communities.

But that’s just the beginning of Trump’s assaults on the Constitution. Trump has encouraged the use of torture and blatantly disregarded privacy protections that have been enshrined in the founding document since the 18th century. He has attacked the basic premises of a constitutionally defined separation of powers, with rhetorical assaults on individual jurists and the federal judiciary so extreme that House Speaker Paul Ryan described one such attack as  “the textbook definition of a racist comment.” He has proposed instituting religious tests. He has shown open and consistent disregard for the promise that all Americans will receive equal protection under the law.
Golden showers for everyone! #NoCharge


  1. Couldn't agree more--that's why I'm voting for the candidate who wants to repeal the first amendment so she can criminalize speech critical of her, who thinks the second amendment is an obsolete nullity, and who thinks the government can ignore the due process protections of the fifth and fourteenth amendments.

  2. Trump makes me kind of miss GWB.

  3. @11:52

    I can write rational criticisms of Hillary Clinton all day long. You, on the other hand, are just pulling crap out of your ass. Won't it come on its own?

  4. I'm shocked Trump made it this far. I honestly thought it was a joke when he said he was running for President.

    The whole US election has been by far the best reality show for us Canadians up here--a new twist and turn every episode!!

  5. I'm truly very sad for the Republican Party. I can remember going into the polling stations and having a real choice to make. But there is no way I can ever vote for that shit-show.

  6. Godwhacker @11:52--your second and third sentences nullify your first one.

  7. @2:01

    Let me give you an example.

    Rational Criticism: Hillary Clinton set up a private server to thwart lawful Freedom of Information Act requests.

    Crap Pulled Out of Your Ass: Hillary Clinton worships Lucifer and wants to use the constitution to make tampons for biker lesbians.


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