We're Like Cher! Or Elvis? Maybe I Should Update My References -- Madonna?

Ok, Drake -- are you happy now:
Growing Minnesota-based insurance and antitrust law firm Zelle is opening a Miami office Monday, aiming to strengthen its Latin American practice.
The firm has hired former Cozen O'Connor Miami partner Anaysa Gallardo Stutzman to lead the new office as managing partner. She is joined by senior counsel Daniel Baron, an Argentine-qualified attorney formerly of the Miami office of Kennedys, and senior associate Christine Renella.
First off, what is it with Minnesota firms and South Florida -- stick to Naples!

Oh well -- congrats anyway and good luck Anaysa!

Second off, didn't it used to be Zelle Hofman?

Mr. Hoffman never gets his due!

"All there is, is bu*&sh*t."

For more on that underlooked, minor classic, see here or here.


  1. You can never go wrong with a Madonna reference. :)


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