3d DCA Watch -- When Giants (Silently) Collide!

So this is what happens when a case involves big shots such as Gonzalo Dorta, Shook Hardy, Coffey Burlington, and has Shutts & Bowen as a party -- it ends like this, not with an appellate bang, but with a glorified PCA whimper.

What happened to good old fashioned opinion writing?


  1. Not technically a PCA. Would actually be nice if the Third DCA wrote this much for many of its opinions.

  2. If you look at the 3D DCA docket, you would think each side was planning a legal version of Operation Barbarrosa. You get the obligatory "motions for extension of time," "supplemental authority," "motion to supplement the record w/attachments, Granted." After all of this padding the record, oral argument is set for June 21st. You would think with these legal heavyweights (and more important, their egos) it would cause the panel to do some deep thinking and put off a decision until after Labor Day. But no, two weeks later, we get this glorified PCA, that basically says that despite all the waste of time and money, the Earth is still round and yes, this case was no different from your garden variety tete a tete in circuit court. You think this decision is boring? Wait until the parties get their bill for legal services.

  3. Right, not technically a PCA pretty sure that's the "glorified" part


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