3d DCA Watch -- Two Can Be As Bad As One.

Yes kids after much anticipation the bunker has readied its shiny new #writtenutterances (see, we can keep up with the youngsters!) but alas there are only two.

Two, which we all know can be as bad as one.

Indeed, at least wagster wryly noted that "it's the loneliest number since the number one."

Abukasis v. MTM Finest:

Judge Shepherd in da' house, invoking the "magic words" for your entertainment and legally binding pleasure!

Perez v. FNMA:

A concession of error!

And it's not even a "confession" of error or anything.

In fact, it's a "commendable and appropriate" one at that!

See you next bunker!


  1. Broward Circuit Judge Matthew Destry's New Campaign Video:

  2. Good one today SFL.


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