Dumb Girl

It's a common observation among the left that the poor often vote against their own interests. The rich aren't immune from that phenomenon either.
The trust of Carol Jenkins Barnett, the chairwoman and president of Publix, made the donation earlier this month to the Drug Free Florida Committee, The Ledger reports, citing financial disclosure records from the Florida Division of Elections. The group is opposed to Amendment 2, a measure up for a statewide vote in November that would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana for certain debilitating illnesses, according to The News-Press.
Barnett is the daughter of Publix founder George Jenkins. She was recently diagnosed with younger onset Alzheimer’s disease and stepped down from Publix’s board of directors in June, the company had announced.
Publix said Barnett’s donation was “personal” and was not made on the company’s behalf.
“Carol Jenkins Barnett has long supported efforts to protect Florida’s families and children against the perils of drug abuse. As such, she feels that Amendment 2 would usher in an unprecedented era of legalized marijuana in Florida as opposed to only helping those who suffer from debilitating illnesses,” Publix said in a statement to TIME. “It is her desire to maintain the health and welfare of Floridians. For this reason, she contributed to Drug Free Florida, which is dedicated to educating the public on the dangerous consequences contained in this ballot initiative.”
Protecting Florida's families? Yea, that's a load of crap coming from one of the states biggest Oxycontin dealers. But the real stupidity comes in here.
Carol Jenkins Barnett, daughter of Publix founder George Jenkins, is stepping down from the company's board of directors after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's at 59.
Jenkins Barnett has been a director at Lakeland-based Publix for more than 33 years.
The company said that because of the discovery of her younger onset Alzheimer's she is stepping down immediately to spend time with her family.
Now I wish Carol the best possible care with her Alzheimer's diagnosis. But the best possible care for Alzheimer's almost certainly includes medical marijuana, that stuff the dumb-ass just donated $800,000 to keep out of the hands of suffering people like herself.
A paper published by the British Journal of Pharmacology suggests that the chemical compounds in marijuana likely prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and age-related dementia.
Chronic brain inflammation, oxidative stress, and intra-cellular dysfunction are the primary reasons why people develop these debilitating neurological diseases. The study found that both THC and CBD (the primary chemical compounds found in marijuana) positively affect nerve cell function in consumers, significantly reducing these harmful neurological conditions.
I'm going to die from something, but it ain't going to be Alzheimer's, this I can tell you.

And Carol, get a grip.


  1. You're entitled to your views, but this post comes across as sexist. Not sure why you felt the need to title it "Dumb Girl."

  2. 1. The title goes with the song.

    2. I do not worship at the altar of political correctness. All criticisms leveled against women are not sexism, even if they incidentally mention their sex.

    3. Fighting to ban medicine that can help you is the very definition of stupidity i.e. Dumb.

  3. I agree with GW. If you said that she was stupid because she was a woman, that's sexist. He's just saying that this woman happens to be stupid, so not sexist.

  4. I wish people like Carol Jenkins Bennett would just crawl into a fucking cave and leave the rest of us alone.

  5. Some of the most brilliant people I know are women, so...


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