Goodman Goodman Goodman!

Here He Goes Again:
In her 1980 country music hit “Starting Over Again,”1 Dolly Parton sang about a middle aged couple separating after 30 years of marriage. The opening lines framed the musical story: “Momma moved out / Daddy sold the house / They split up their money/ And went on their way.” More than 35 years later, those lyrics help to inform the ruling on a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a woman against her former, now‐divorced husband. Although the parties in the lawsuit entered into a financial settlement in the divorce and “split up their money” like the divorced couple in Dolly Parton’s song, they
did not exactly go “on their way,” as litigation was resumed.
The judge gets props for reaching back into Dolly's back catalogue, what say you?

Happy Friday, plebes!


  1. Reference to Dolly’s song "Starting Over Again" by US Magistrate Judge Jonathan Goodman in the Order is misplaced because the song does not contemplate the husband’s fraud in concealing assets in the financial settlement. Dolly don’t conceal any assets, does she?

    Hopefully the plaintiff learned that a US Magistrate Judge is only a hired lawyer, just another Florida Bar crony brown-nosing through an employment contract.

    As a member of a protected class, a civil rights action against the asset-concealing ex might help the plaintiff instead of this case which may, or may not, be a domestic relations exception.

    Then the court might crib a different song from the "Top 10 Country Songs About Divorce"

    How about "She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)"

    But I ain’t no judge, just a dude who googles Country songs like a hired lawyer.


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