"South Florida Lawyer Given Prison Sentence for Child Porn!"

Geez DBR, haven't we treated each other well?

Unfortunate headline, to say the least.

Quite a bit going on around town for the week heading into a hot, humid Labor Day weekend, let's see how some of our favorite lawyers are keeping their trial chops intact:

1. PwC (hopefully) paid big.

Congrats Hector (and others).

2. Ben Kuehne (and others) hotfootin' it against the SEC.

3. Congrats Federico!

4. It's time we just sued the mosquitos.

5. Vote, plebes!


  1. spence has to bone up on workers compensation law and preclusion to negligence claims against the employer.


  2. So, I just came over to your blog to post the headline I read in the DBR:

    "South Florida Lawyer Given Prison Sentence for Child Porn"

    but now know for sure that "great minds think alike" as you caught it as well.

    Now get out there and VOTE


    Cap Out .....


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