3d DCA Watch -- In Life, You Gotta Do More Than Just Cry.

Note to trial lawyers, freshly uttered by the bunker:  if you want to support your client's jury award, have her really do a number when she testifies on the stand -- in the age of Trump, you've got to go big:
We affirm the jury’s finding of liability, but, in light of the absence of medical evidence that the Employer’s conduct caused the Employee’s medical condition to worsen or caused the Employee to suffer past or future psychological harm, we conclude that the jury’s award of $750,000 was excessive. The fact that the Employee cried on the stand, as noted by his lawyer at oral argument, simply is not sufficient.
"Not only was it not sufficient, it was not even mildly amusing!"

Judge Butchko deserves a raise new courtroom medal for putting up with this kind of crapola, but an affirmance will do.

Finally, happy birthday Trekkers!


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