3d DCA Watch -- International Day of Peace Edition!

Is peace a desirable goal anymore?

Was it ever?

Hard to say with all the crazies out and about, but there are nice initiatives today that people shouldn't dump on (is that too much to ask?).

Ugg I'm getting sick of people.

In other news, bunker happened:

Against the backdrop of this unambiguous Congressional mandate, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for us to construe Mrs. Smith as anything other than a “Borrower” for the purposes of Paragraph 9’s express conditions precedent.
So you're saying reverse mortgages are not always great deals for cash-strapped retirees?

But Judge Shep says not so fast:
The labor expended by the majority to keep Kenneth Smith’s widow in her home is admirable.  Unfortunately, the legal analysis used does not measure up.  For this reason, I respectfully dissent.
In other words, majority, here's what I think of your opinion:

Oh I kid --it's all an interesting read.


  1. Since when did banks and lenders become the good guys and get the appellate court blessings. Hello too big to fail. Hello wells fargo.

  2. Dear Judge Shep:

    Thank you for that special dissent inviting spousal and elderly abuse when you think it is ok for a person to get a reverse mortgage that will dilute someone's homestead interest in a property to ZERO without any consideration. Believe it or not, there are ways (very new for you apparently) that people who are married can divide debts and assets. These documents are called "prenuptial" or even "post-nuptial" agreements. Otherwise, it is clearly FRAUD. Thank you for playing.

  3. When is Judge Sheperd's mandatory retirement due to age?

  4. The Shep's retirement shindig is Dec 13


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