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Breaking! Little Marco Rubio Writes A Letter to White House, "Demands" Answers!


This is progress.

Florida's do-nothing do-boy for car salesman Norman Braman, wrote a letter.

We are uncertain if Senator Rubio's letter is the first he has written since writing to Santa, but the little guy's letter smacks of a pathetic headline-grab attempt is tough talkin'!

As you know, "Senator" Rubio was absent from his job 41 % of the time between 5, 2015 and March 3, 2016, missing 125 votes during that span. From Jan 2011 to Sep 2016, Rubio missed 234 of 1,626 roll call votes, which is 14.4%. (The median is 1.7% among the lifetime records of senators currently serving.)  Try that at your fancy firm, people!
In his letter, Little Marco accuses the President and the TSA of lying and expresses his view that Cuba "is a state sponsor of terrorism and allied with Iran and North Korea." Last but not least, this:
“You have created an opportunity for our worst fears to become reality, just as they did on September 11, 2001."
Well, if Little Marco can demand answers and access to documents, lets have at it!


How much was your wife paid by entities affiliated with Norman Braman in the last year?
Will you serve your full term if elected?
Please produce all documents regarding your ownership and recent sale of a home you owned with David Rivera.
Please list every flight you have taken on Norman Braman affiliated airplanes, for the past six years. List the stops, purpose of trip and family and friends on each leg of each flight.
Please provide copies of your tax returns for the last 5 years.
Why are you not candid?

It's dated but since nobody does it better than Colbert...(wait for it.)


  1. At least he promises if elected he WILL serve out his term as an active Senator, as opposed to again abusing the trust of the electorate to service his corporate overlords in exchange for another disastrous Presidential run.

  2. Anyone who believes that this empty-head will serve out his term if elected should be required to put out a blog abut lawyers every day. Besides, Patrick Murphy is going to win and Rubio can go into business with his friend David. Maybe they can become partners with Carlos Curbelo or his wife in his lobbying business.


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