My Favorite Holocaust Song (f/k/a "Happy Tuesday")!

And there are SO many to choose from!

But let's go with this, it expresses my mood today:

In other news, Robert Panoff offers The Asswipe™ unsolicited tax advice:
Why not release the tax return to the public? First, every “Trump hater” in the county will look at it and many, without knowing, will say and write incorrect criticism. But, more importantly, I would bet that each one of the Trump haters would take it upon themselves to inundate the IRS with thousands of letters. So what should Mr. Trump do? As a tax attorney and tax litigator for more than 39 years, here is what I recommend. Mr. Trump should release 10 years of summaries of his returns.
I don't do any tax work, but should we really worry about the IRS being overwhelmed by thousands of letters being written by each individual "Trump hater"?

I say: don't worry so much about letters to the IRS -- how many people even write letters nowadays, let alone each supposed hater writing thousands? 

And I'm pretty sure that poor beleaguered agency can handle the feared inundation.

As to the summaries, just like his crazy "doc" summarized his health ("HUGE") should we expect much different?

But who knows -- crazy world we live in, huh?

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  1. you know what they say about free advice

  2. Subtle and smart, classic SFL.


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